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Invest, live and work in the United States of America

Dream to generations of immigrants – the United States remain a beacon of hope for people of all denominations seeking a better life for themselves and their families. The country is the world’s premier military power and largest economy, with huge natural and human resources, strong earning potential and consumer spending. The stable political system based on liberal values and free market principles has been a magnet to international investors and entrepreneurs looking to unleash their creative potential in this huge free market. 

The massive immigration pressures have shaped over the years a complex US immigration system, with a variety of immigrant and non-immigrant instruments suitable for different personal and financial circumstances. Due to this complexity, the use of experienced professional assistance is highly recommended for even the savviest of investors.

Our main focus is business immigration and we are official partners of Visa Franchise LLC in assisting global business-minded entrepreneurs and investors to find the best franchise opportunity that will qualify them for an E-2, L-1, or EB-5 investor visa to live/work in the US together with their families. Complete service package includes detailed consideration of personal circumstances, selection of the best investment vehicle and franchise partner, hand-holding and full client support throughout the process. 

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GLOBAL Residency Services, second passport

Immigration, citizenship, second passport, permanent residency, green card.

Stability in an ever-changing world

Political, financial or even personal uncertainty - a fact of life for ordinary people and high net worth individuals the world over. A second residency and/or passport allowing visa-free travel and study/work rights can make things a whole lot simpler and more predictable. Having a "Plan B" is no longer a luxury, its a necessity. 

We offer a number of lucrative options for global players and their dependents, which can be tailored to individual requirements. immigration green card

Caribbean Region - Grenada

Grenada, a Caribbean island paradise, offers a citizenship-by-investment program that stands out from others in the region: Grenada offers the only passport that makes you eligible for a US non-immigrant E-2 visa. It is also the only Caribbean country with visa-free short term travel to both China and Russia. Of course, the citizenship-by-investment program of Grenada still has the benefits of other such programs in the region like a simple and speedy procedure, the possibility to include close family members in the application, the lack of any visiting or residence requirements for the citizenship process, and tax-free worldwide income. Best of all, Grenada has one of the lowest investment requirements of all Caribbean programs. residency immigration

European Union - Malta

Malta is a picturesque island country in the Mediterranean, a member of both the EU and the Schengen zone. Its rich history, high standard of living and excellent air links make it an attractive place to live or own a second home. Since the Maltese passport grants you the right to live, study, work and own land anywhere in the EU, as well as visa-free travel to an outstanding number of countries, the citizenship-by-investment program of Malta is excellent value for money. The application process is efficient and strict, ensuring a select group of new citizens. Naturally, close family members can be included in the citizenship application. residency immigration

European Union - Cyprus

On the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus offers a quick route to citizenship through the Cypriot citizenship by investment  program.  Cyprus is unique in its offering of citizenship within just 6 months of an investment being made. This grants a Cypriot passport and citizenship of an  EU country, allowing freedom to travel, work, study and live  anywhere within the EU. residency immigration

European Union - Bulgaria

A member of the EU and strong applicant to join the Schengen zone, Bulgaria offers an attractive golden visa program. Bulgarian citizenship gives the right to travel and stay visa-free within Europe, high-quality health care, low tax rates and access to the free EU market. Processing time is only 2 years, during which applicant can enjoy the benefits of permanent residency in Bulgaria. You do not have to give up your current passport, you do not have to speak the local language, you do not have to own real estate in Bulgaria and you do not have to reside in Bulgaria after becoming a citizen. With a Bulgarian passport, you will have unrestricted right to live, work, study and own land in any EU country. immigration

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