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East-West trade links

The Silk Road was used for centuries to carry precious goods from the exotic Orient to the Mediterranean lands. Bulgaria, one of the oldest states in Europe, has always been an essential link in this vast trade network. Now a member of the European Union and NATO, Bulgaria continues to offer great opportunities for carrying out profitable business in key sectors such as real estate development, agricultural land management, tourism services, food & drinks, automotive part production, IT & BPO services, to name but a few. With its 10% tax rate on both personal and corporate income, Bulgaria is an attractive place to set up your business operation, source a variety of quality products and take advantage of its cornerstone location as a gateway into the wider EU market of over 700 million consumers. Talk to us about these amazing opportunities - we will give you professional and confidential advice on the best way forward.


Looking beyond the horizon - US and China markets

Established Bulgarian and other EU manufacturers and exporters are always seeking new horizons for their products and services. We offer tailored international marketing services aimed at researching and penetrating the US and China markets by finding suitable local partners, government liaison and general business counsel.  


Impeccable reputation and trusted advice

Navigating the waves of international trade and investment is not always easy, but we will try to make your journey as smooth as possible. Good business is always based on underlying trust and respect between the business partners. At Silk Road Ventures, we only deal with partners of impeccable standing and reputation, and operate strictly within the confines of national and international legal standards. А team of top-notch professionals will look after your business needs and reward you with cost-effective and timely solutions that will not only generate higher-than-average yields, but can lead to residency and or citizenship solutions for the shrewd international player.